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Regulatory Interaction Maps of Arabidopsis Seed Development

In Arabidopsis four genetic loci, LEC1, LEC2, FUS3 and ABI3, are considered to regulate main processes of embryogenesis and seed maturation. The four transcription factors constitute a complex network of distinct but partially redundant pathways which have been analyzed by the genetic, molecular and phenotypic characterization of single and multiple mutants. LEC1 seems to function upstream of LEC2, FUS3 and ABI3 (Kagaya et al. 2005, Meinke et al. 1994, Stone et al. 2006, To et al. 2006) whereas LEC2 in turn controls FUS3 and ABI3 (Kroj et al. 2003, To et al. 2006). Autoregulatory feedback loops secure constant expression levels of FUS3 and ABI3 upon silencing of LEC1 and LEC2 expression during seed maturation (Kroj et al. 2003, To et al. 2006).

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